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Strategy, Sci-Fi, Spacebattle

Epic Sci-Fi browser-based strategy game. Ogame is a massive multiplayer game published by Gameforge. You start by leading a single planetary colony. In the game you are given a randomly assigned planet in which you will construct, research and perform missions and develop your colony. Take the chance to turn your small colony into the capital of an entire universe. Gain experience, develop your powerful empire by building mines, energy stations and researching new technologies. It´s then time to expand: forge alliances with other players worldwide and challenge others in the MMORTS mode. The few key resources to collect and trade are Deuterium, Metal, Crystal, and Energy. A fifth resource called Dark Matter can only be acquired by paying real cash OGame plays almost identically to Space Invasion and also shares similarities with Astro Empires. OGame features an open PvP organization, For new players it is highly recommended to join a coalition. More than just getting involved in space combats, you will also have the chance to use your resources on explorations which bring a slew of advantages. The OGame universe has three classifications: systems, galaxies, and planet slots, which break further down into: moons, planets, and debris fields. There are about 15 planets and more than 1400 maps. Join now the universe of outer space with thousands of other online players in this browser game. Start with one little planet and build an empire!

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