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Strategy, Simulation, Train

Rail Nation is a railway strategy browser game. You will have the chance to become a successful entrepreneur, build your very own railway company and transform it into a prosperous empire! If you are a simulation gamer, a lover of strategy games, or just a fan of trains and railways, this game is what you are looking for. At the beginning of the game, you will have to select your city out of 50 different possibilities. From this point on, you will have to design your railway network in such a way that you can deliver supplies to other cities in the most efficient way. You will be in constant competition with other players, so you better think of a good strategy! Schedule your trains to transport up to 48 different goods to the cities that need them the most. Supply and demand are calculated in real time, so you should always be aware of what is going on! Participate in transport competitions against your opponents, get exclusive licenses and increase your level of prestige. Earn as much profit as you can from your work and use it to develop new engines or to improve the buildings in your station. Never stop investigating, the railway industry is in constant evolution, and continuous research is the only way to keep up with the modern times! You will have to live through six different railway eras, each of them with its own characteristics and technological improvements. Never miss out on them if you want to develop a successful railway empire! You will also have the possibility to team up with friends or other players and form associations. Together, you will be able to develop even more sophisticated strategies that might lead you to the victory. And, regardless of what you do, always keep in mind to constantly be on the move!

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